Leadership on the Road

Student panel shares leadership.

What a great opportunity for our students at KLA. We know that the 7 Habits are not only good for our students and staff at KLA, but our whole community. Students traveled to Van Meter. Van Meter President and CEO, Lura McBride, hosted a panel of teachers, administrators and students from KLA.

The group share insights on leadership to the employee-owners at Van Meter. At a young age, these children already recognize the leader within themselves and are actively developing habits that will help them reach their true potential. Opportunities like this visit, help create relevant learning opportunities for our KLA students while giving back to our community.

According to Principal David Brandon -- “It was pretty amazing to see students at such a young age be so confident in who they are as individuals to speak in front of a large group of grown-ups. They were able to speak clearly and articulately about how their experience at Kenwood is impacting both their life both in school and outside of school.” 

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