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During its history of almost 150 years, Kenwood School has been the home to literally thousands of students.  In some cases, three generations of a family have attended Kenwood, and the tradition of fine students continues now.

Doctors, scientists, military leaders, musical and theatre stars, secretaries, company owners, nurses, cooks, interior designers, farmers, writers, civic employees, artists, contractors, law enforcement officers, poets, ministers, educators, politicians, homemakers, volunteers, photographers, athletes………these are just some of the many interesting paths that former students of Kenwood School have chosen to follow.  Add to this an amazing blend of hobbies, pastimes, and life interests and there results a terrifically rich and eclectic collection of pleasant, productive, and interesting people.  The schools of the Kenwood Park area are honored to have been a part in the lives of its students and proud to be “Home” to so many fine alumni.

The doors of Kenwood School are always open and welcoming to former students, families, and friends of Kenwood.  We love hearing from alumni members, and hope that when you are in the Kenwood area, you will feel very free to stop in, introduce yourself in the main office, and take a tour of our fine school, which is still actively and beautifully continuing to build its alumni “Family” through our current enrollment of excellent children!

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Shown here are the senior high students and teachers of Kenwood Park School in 1919.  Taken in the front yard of the wooden frame school, 35th Street is in the background along with a home that still stands there today near C Avenue.  Front Row: May Shannon, Mildred Woodland, Lydia Schmidt, Amy Leonard, Gladys Johnson, Margaret James, Esther Herold, Mrs. Lulu Peterson.  Back Row: Miss Alice Smith, Miss Alice Patterson, Pete Wendel Towner, (unknown), Esther Lundine,  Naomi Hobson, Caroline Varner, Mark Hanson,  Mr. Raymond Krensky.  


Fifth graders at Kenwood School are shown here with Miss Brandt, their teacher, in 1935. Kenwood used the mid-year concept to accommodate birthdays in all twelve months of the year. This photo includes both 5A and 5B students at the 35th Street Kenwood School. The mid-year idea was abolished in 1955, so that when the students reached the twelfth grade, there was no longer a January graduating group. All students then completed their studies in June each year.



In 1948, group photos of all Kenwood School students were taken on the front entry steps of the 35th Street school building. This is the class portrait of a first grade class. Some of the students shown here still reside as adults near the Kenwood School area. Others live in distant places. Copies of the class portraits were made available to all students interested in having them as keepsakes. As time goes on, these class portraits are becoming harder and harder to locate.




Before the Bulldog became the official mascot for Kenwood School, Kenwood was known as the Home of the Golden Bears. Here, proudly wearing their mascot sport shirts, are members of the Kenwood Boys' Club in 1951. The students met at Kenwood School regularly year-round for sports and other extra-curricular activities after classes. The group was well-supervised by both regular Kenwood School staff members and student teachers from area colleges.



The sixth grade class at Kenwood School in 1934 had only nine members, eight of which were girls. Because of the small number, the Kenwood students spent the first semester at Arthur, combined with Arthur district students. The second semester found them happily back at their own building at 35th Street and C Avenue. In the late 1950s, until more elementary schools were built on the city's northeast side and an addition placed at the newer Kenwood School on E Avenue, it became so crowded at Kenwood that it was necessary to send their sixth grade students on to Franklin Junior High School.






Lasswell Studios had the contract for the graduating class portraits of Kenwood Park High School from 1921 through 1927. Unfortunately, through the years, all of the negatives for such photos were discarded, lost, or destroyed, making these photos quite difficult to find. The Class of 1927 was the last graduating class of Kenwood Park School, as it then became a part of the Cedar Rapids Community School System. Future Kenwood students graduated in 1928-1935 from the old Washington High School located in Greene Square. When it was closed, Kenwood students became graduates of Franklin School in 1936-1957. Later, Kenwood students who remained in the Cedar Rapids public schools went on to graduate from either the newer Washington Senior High School or Kennedy Senior High School. Since 1927, Kenwood School has served only the elementary grades. Today many of the graduates of both senior high schools in Cedar Rapids have their elementary roots at Kenwood School.



The 6-A Class Dinner of 1948-49 was one of the last large student/parent/staff functions to be held at the bungalow Kenwood School building located at 35th Street and C Avenue N.E. before all Kenwood children were moved to the new and present location on E Avenue N.E. the following year. Shown here are the teachers who attended the dinner. They include (l. to r.) Pat Jensen, Lucile Dunn, Henrietta Harken, Alphild Brandt, Miss Bures (Principal), Zora Pauk, Jean Moore, Helen Arduser, Irene Wlach, Lucille Jenkins, Marian Kennedy, and Margaret Hult.



In the 1940s and 50s it was common for each classroom to have a live Christmas tree.  Sometimes money was collected from students for their purchase.  Sometimes the trees were donated.  And oftentimes PTA would provide them so that no room would be left out.  Electric lights were permitted on the trees, and decorations were often student-made.  Tree decorating usually took an entire afternoon in early December, and the holiday party with drawn names and gift exchanges was usually held on the day before winter holiday break, at which time the tree was usually the center of classroom photos.  Shown here are students in Miss Hult’s 4th grade class in December 1955.



Many class photos have been taken through the years at the front entrance of Kenwood School.  The last day of the school year was known as “Camera Day,” and many students brought box and Brownie cameras from home.  We can be thankful for those who took photos, saved them, and share, for they now provide important historical records for today’s students and others who enjoy Kenwood area history.  The noontime sun was great on the last day of school in June of 1957 when Miss Putnam’s 5thgrade class lined up for this photo.  Also shown is Kenwood 2nd grade teacher, Marie Landau, who joined many of her former students in the group shot.



Shown here on Camera Day in May of 1955 is Miss Sara Bacino and her third grade class.  Miss Bacino taught at Kenwood School for one year and was a favorite of many students.






Four Square was a favorite game with most students on the Kenwood School playground.  Wearing dresses and skirts didn't hamper most of the girls, who engaged in the game eagerly and skillfully.  The same enthusiasm was shown in softball and tetherball at Kenwood in the 1950s.




Many quiet games were enjoyed on the Kenwood School playground back in the 1950s such as four-leaf clover hunts, marbles, jacks, and hopscotch.  Here two fourth graders take turns at a game.  In the background is 37th Street before the growth of its current shade trees.








Camera day was always special and usually took place during the last week of the school year, often on the final day.  Here three sixth grade girls, who were best friends through their Kenwood days, pose for a shot.  The three graduated together in 1964 from Washington Senior High School following their junior high days together at Franklin School.








On the last day of school in 1958, these three Kenwood sixth graders enjoyed having their photo taken.  All three went on to attend Franklin Junior High School and graduated together from George Washington Senior High School in 1964.









Even in the years after "graduation" from Kenwood and nearby elementary schools, friends stayed close together as the friendship circles expanded.  Shown here at a get-together for Janis Clark (center) in the middle 1950s, are Kenwood alumni Kathy Daugherty, Kay Caldwell, Peggy Barto, and Linda Lundine with others from Garfield and Arthur schools.



ENJOYED BY MANY…Special Alumni Display


Recently at Kenwood School, students, staff, neighbors, and friends had the opportunity to enjoy an interesting exhibit featuring Kenwood School alumni. Numerous people came to Kenwood from near and far to learn about some of Kenwood's past students.  Photos, memorabilia, and text articles were available for viewing in the front foyer display case.  Former students of the 1920s through the 1990s were honored, with each of the decades being represented.  Alumni from all over the world were included to show the various life paths that have been followed through the years.  From a well-known CBS News personality to successful homemakers…from a local hotel owner to the head of a Chamber of Commerce----Kenwood School has been a part of them all.  Shown here is a photo of the visual collection of past students of Kenwood School as they appeared in the special alumni display.


Many students who have attended Kenwood School through the years have passed away, but memories of them will always remain.  Kenwood is proud to have had them all, including.... Jeff Jenney, Ed Hubler, Judith Grove, Harry Grove, Susan Grove, Steve Happel, Alan Lukehart, Paul Darling, Sue Hardenbrook, John Brewer, Wes Kadlec, Ron Beadle, Rex Risser, Jim Arnell, Phil Arnell, Donna Nelson Senninger, Mary Lynn Stewart, Kathy Daugherty, Linda Borseth, Roy Lydic, Ed Nicholson, Phil Yanaway, Mary Lou Kelley, John Bowdish, Marion Rich, Leah Rosenberg, Jack Caldwell, Michael Schrimper, John Schrimper, Marlene Geesaman, Joan McCracken, Guy Parker, Jim McLaughlin, Lou Shepard, Bob Read, Jim Irey, Paul Andersen, C. David Ross, Bill McCracken, Phil DeSousa, Fran Houts, Larry Wilkey, David Houts, Tim Franklin, Donald G. Hanson, Richard Threlkeld, Doris Touro, Howard McLaughlin, Christine Pirie, Bob Plumb, Carl Herkner, Roger Crabbs, Ted Hruska, Joan Bice, Lawrence Noggle, Bob McCracken, Bob Doolittle, Patsy Wathan, Carroll Rehder, Darrell Wilkey, Jeanne Brandon, Karen Beason, Richard Hickle, Dave Engle, Scott Murray ......    



It was a delightful reuniting on June 25, 2004, for fifteen people who lived in the Kenwood area during the 1930s and1940s. Most of them were fortunate enough to have attended Kenwood School in the bungalow schoolhouse at 35th Street and C Avenue N.E. and all went on to graduate from Franklin School. Returning from as far away as Phoenix and Florida, they were on hand to attend the 50th reunion for the Franklin High School Class of 1954. What a fun and rewarding occasion!! Former Kenwood children shown in a reunion photo here are Fran Houts Bramson, Vernal Moore, John Rosenberg, Ken Beach, Judy Zuhn Beach, Jerry Emerson, Ron Umsted, Ione Poole Murdock, Barbara Hutton Edmunds, Susan Ray Storm, Sherin Quinn Gifford, Ted Ramsay, and Joyce Holets Lux.



Former Kenwood School students, Barbara Hutton Edmunds and Frank Daily, enjoyed attending a reunion event for the Franklin High School Class of 1954 on Saturday, June 29, 2013.  Their elementary school days were spent at the bungalow building on 35th Street at 'C' Avenue N.E.  The weather was lovely for this annual reunion potluck picnic hosted by former Kenwood area residents and Kenwood business owners, Jack and Kathy McArtor,  at their country cottage near Central City, Iowa.  The McArtor's daughter, Jaclin, attended Kenwood School in the present building during the 1960s.



Kenwood Elementary School was well represented at the WHS Class of 1964's fortieth reunion held at the Collins Plaza Hotel on August 7, 2004. It was great to be reunited and see everyone again, and fun memories of living in Kenwood and attending Kenwood School filled the air at the gathering. Shown here are those "Kenwood kids" who came back for the reunion. They are (back row l. to r.) Roger Boyles, Sherry Smith, Bruce Altorfer, Paul Darling, Bruce Most, and Bob Hawbaker (middle row l. to r.) Kevin Kane, Donna Hardenbrook, Nancy Haines, Carol Roby, Bob Jones, Lucinda Lundine, Doug Ernst, and Jim McWhinney (front row l. to r.) Lyn Noggle, Karen Beason, Joel Wood, Gayle Sell, and Alice Hubler. Other Kenwood attendees, not shown here, included Garry McCune, Penny Ware, Jeff Webb, Dean Willis, and Dave Wilson.


During the weekend of August 8-9, 2014, many of the same Kenwood classmates returned for the WHS Class of 1964's fiftieth reunion.  This included a tour of Washington High School to see the many changes since their graduation and also bring back memories.  Other weekend reunion events were held at the Cedar Rapids Marriott.  Kenwood classmates attending this reunion included Sherry Smith, Bob Jones, Carol Peddycoart, Joyce Iversen, Bruce Most, Dean Willis, Roger Boyles, Ben Kothenbeutel, Chuck Simms, Ken Benhart, Kit Segriff, Gayle Sell, Penny Ware, Lucinda Lundine, Joel Wood, Alice Hubler, Doug Ernst, Bob Pepmeyer, Kevin Kane, David Stratemeyer, Garry McCune, Bruce Altorfer, Tony Bever, Dave Wilson,and Jim McWhinney.


(1946 To The Tune Of "Angeline")

Kenwood School, Kenwood School

The best in all the land.

Kenwood School, Kenwood School

Hurrah for you.

Here we had the best of jolly times,

And have improved our minds,

And have learned our lessons day by day.

Now we are through.


Kenwood School, Kenwood School

We've learned the Golden Rule.

Kenwood School, Kenwood School

We've passed the test.

Friends and teachers we are leaving now

To go to junior high.

So, three cheers for Kenwood

Rah! Rah! Rah!

Good-bye to you.


If you were a student at Kenwood Park High School in the 1920s, you might have had the above felt machine-stitched emblems.  They were sewn onto sweaters, book bags, jackets, and other garments.  Each graduating class also had a pin with 'KPHS' on it.  Any graduate who purchased a pin could have their year of graduation linked to it with a dainty gold chain.




There is hardly an avenue in life that remains untouched by a former Kenwood School student. Nor are there many places on the globe that haven't seen the influence of someone who attended Kenwood School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Thousands of children have been students at Kenwood School throughout the decades, and here is just a portion of the list of names and the many professions/activities that they have experienced:

Bruce Altorfer, Heavy Equipment Company Owner

Fred Anderson, Commercial Sign Painter

Kathy Anderson, Legislative Analyst

Phillip Arnell, Firefighter

Ron Beadle, Paramedic

Karen Beason, Controller

Tami Behel,  Teacher

Frank Biba, Doctor

Diane Bloomhall, Teacher

William Bloomhall, Milling Company Owner

James Borschel, Building Construction

Jim Bowdish, Administration Manager

Marasue Bowlus, Hair Designer

Roger Boyles, Carpenter

Jackie Brandon, Radiation Patient Resource Advocate

John Brewer, International Manufacturer's Representative

Linda Brewer, International Flight Attendant

Richard "Dick" Buresh, Moving and Rental Business Owner

Judy Bushman, Teacher and Librarian

Steve Butzlaff, Financial Executive and Tennis Pro

Sharon Byers, Media Specialist

Craig Campbell, Artist and Studio Owner

Richard Check, Oral Surgeon

Derbie Cherry, Landscape Professional

Cathy Clark, Independent Medical Consultant

Gloria Coleman, Store Owner

Kenneth Coleman, College Professor

Jane Costello, Artist

Robert Crabbs, Missionary

Bonnie Cram, Teacher

Charles Curtis, Software Engineer

Sheila Daniels, Music Teacher

Timothy Daniels, Computer Scientist

Diane D'Aquila, Shakespearean Actress

Paul Darling, Window Cleaning Company Owner

Mary DeSousa, Daycare Specialist

Deanne Dlouhy, Warehousing and Shipping

Jackie Dlouhy, Commercial Plumbing Sales

Terrye Dlouhy, Secretary & Computer Lab Administrator

Molly Donahue, Teacher

James Doolittle, County Health Department Official

Robert Doolittle, Real Estate

Phyllis Doty, Insurance Licensing Coordinator

Charlene Ehlert, United States Air Force

John Eidemiller, Marketing Administrator

Marjorie Emerson, High School Librarian

David Engle, Corporation CEO

Marilyn Erickson, Technical Manual Writer

Doug Ernst, Business Owner

Tom Estby, Audio Video Technical Director

John Farwell, College Professor and Coach

Irene Foster, Community Volunteer

Scott Franklin, College Professor

Tim Franklin, Peace Corps Worker & Ecologist

Ronda Franks, Legal Assistant

Robert French, Photographer

Gary Galbraith, Professor of Art

Dan Gatto, Mechanical & Plumbing Contractor

Tom Gatto, School Principal & Administrator

Julia Glass, Teacher

Bob Glick, Machinery Company Owner

Nick Gloe, Attorney

Gary Grimm, School Custodial Engineer

Merrill Grove, Electrical Engineer

Karl Haglund, City Planner

Cheryl Hall, University Nursing Education Director

James Hall, Attorney

Stewart Hammer, Property Management

Donna Hardenbrook, Machine Assembly Operator

Robert Hawbaker, City Planner

Nancy Helm, Interior Designer

Carl Herkner, Custodial Engineer

Clancy Herrington, Dairy Queen Regional Manager

David Hodge, College Professor

James Houser, County Government Official

Bonnie Howe, Financial Development Consultant

Alice Hubler, Accounts Receivable Administrator

Ed Hubler, Auto Sales

Jim Irey, Computer Sales

John Iversen, Kitchen Designer

Carol Jackson, Teacher

Jim Jacobsen, Command Sergeant Major of Iowa National Guard

Don Janda, Hotel and Restaurant Owner

Robert Jones, Civil Engineer

Robert Justice, Minister

Alan Kacere, Teacher

Kevin Kane, Journalist and  Editor

Sylvia Kinkead, Teacher

Bruce Kohl, USAF

Pete Kohl, Construction Company CEO

Ben Kothenbeutel, Railroad Foreman

Charles Kraut, Insurance Marketing

Kathy Kraut, Teacher

Anamarie Laubly, Music Store Owner

Tom Leidigh, Company Owner

Charles Lemme, Veterinarian

Jim Lemme, Computer Scientist

Dorothy Ludlow, Store Owner

Jim Ludlow, Welder

Alan Lukehart, Attorney

Esther Lundine, Chauffeur

Luther Lundine, Mechanical and Welding Designer

Mildred Lundine, Army Nurse

Jaclin McArtor, Teacher

Bob McCracken, Corporate Quality Control

William McCracken, Investment Broker

Garry McCune, Police Officer

Tom McCurnin, Attorney

Jan McGillicuddy, Educational Secretary

Howard McLaughlin, District Court Judge

Bruce Most, Author

Susan Murray, Chief Clinical Dietician

Irwin Nelson, Audio-Visual Specialist

Jean Nelson, Commercial and Courtroom Artist

Weir Nelson, Wildlife Store Owner

Lyn Noggle, Book Store Manager

Janice Oliphant, Army Medical Specialist

Donald Owen, Minister

Bob Pepmeyer, Automotive Equipment Company Owner

Christine Pirie, Chamber of Commerce President

Kathy Plumb, Teacher

Charles Potter, Musician

Marlene Potter, Minister

Linda Powell, Cosmetologist

Tom Pribyl, Field Services Representative

Jon Read, Photographer

Marilyn Rehder, Orchestra Teacher

Hugh Rick, Construction Contractor

Rex Risser, Cancer Research Scientist

Patricia Robinson, Poet

Clark Roby, Machinist

Mary Ellen Rogers, Hotels and Convention Center Owner

John Rosenberg, Minister

Lynn Rothrock, Singer & Recording Artist

Janet Samuelson, Teacher

Franklin Schneider, Building Contractor Company Owner

Paula Schneider, Newspaper Account Supervisor

Kit Segriff, Human Resource Director

Chris Scheer, U. S. Government Employee

Larry Schoelerman, Air Force Officer

Sue Schollman, Social Worker

George Schrimper, Museum Curator

John Schrimper, Court Reporter

Gayle Sell, Secretary

Sue Schwitters, Accountant

Lynn Senninger, Media Communications Representative

Linda Shepard, Nurse & Hospital Technology Administrator

Louis Shepard, Insurance Executive

Michelle Shover, College Professor

Tom Shover, Pilot

Robert Skinner, Agricultural Implement Dealer

Harold Smith, Welder

Ramona Stephen, Camp Fire Council Executive Director

David Stratemeyer, Auto Technician

Jane Taylor, Genealogy Library Volunteer

Ronald Tharp, Goldsmith

Richard Threlkeld, CBS News Correspondent and Author

Doug Torson, Purchasing Agent/Businessman

Darlene Touro, Church Secretary

Ken Touro, Automobile Specialist

Brenda Tudor, Office Manager

Ed VanAntwerp, Industrial Engineer

Alison Vangen, Teacher

Jinty Vick, Registered Nurse

John Vikesland, Research Chemist

Gary Wainwright, Human Resources Manager

Rick Walters, Programmer

John Warrington, Business Owner

Patricia Wathan, Marketing Director

John Watson, Company CEO

Jan Wayland, Retail and Food Sales

Jeff Webb, Printing Company Owner

Bruce Western, Musician

Jeanne Western, Social Worker

Marvin Wilderman, Telephone Construction Lineman

Dean Willis, Pharmacist

Jeff Winston, Landscape Architect

Russell Wise, Cattle Rancher

Nan Wood, Artist and Sister of Grant Wood

Norman Workman, Dentist

Robert Yaw, Company Chairman and Foundation Director

David Zahn, Policeman and Director of Public Safety


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Throughout the years, many fine people have worked at Kenwood School.  Perhaps you remember some of these:

Henriette Bures, Principal  1930s


Irene Wlach, Grade Two   1930s


David Brockway, Physical Education/Health 1955


Henry Small, Physical Education/Health  1956


Lucile Dunn, Social Studies  1955


Raymond Hill, Principal and LaRue Morrison, Art/Science 1956


Ruth Putnam, Social Studies   1956


Lucille Hottel, Music; Alfhild Brandt, Mathematics; LaRue Morrison, Art/Science   1955


Marian Kennedy, Social Studies    1955




A History Of Kenwood Park, Iowa

Now you can read the facts about the town of Kenwood Park, Iowa, which has become our neighborhood and a vital part of Cedar Rapids.  This new book contains seventeen chapters that tell of the Kenwood area since its very beginnings in the middle 1800s to the present.  Full of many rare historical photographs, the book details Kenwood's government, schools, alumni and staff, businesses, manufacturing, eateries, recreation, its connection to artist Grant Wood, the development of First Avenue, and much, much more.

This is the first book ever published on Kenwood's total history, and is bound to be a keepsake in years to come.  Get your autographed First Edition copy now.

For more information, contact the Kenwood School Historian/Alumni Rep by Website link.