Parent Resources


Iowa has a compulsory school attendance law. Children 16 and under must be in an accredited public or nonpublic school or a competent private instruction during the school year.  Many students miss one to two days a year.    When a student in the Cedar Rapids school district misses a total of 10 days (unless it is related to a long illness, hospitalization, etc) the school will send a written letter to the family.  At that time, the school may set up a parent meeting to discuss concerns.   If no improvement is seen in the student’s attendance, the school refers the student to the district truant officer.

The district truant officer will then set up a meeting with the parents and school personnel. At this meeting a joint effort will be made to address the attendance issue. Failure of the family to attend the meeting or failure to improve attendance results in an immediate referral to the community school attendance task force for community mediation.

Community mediation involves both Cedar Rapids school personnel and volunteers from the community.  The mediators will set up a plan with the family to improve attendance. If the family fails to follow through and attendance is not improved the family will be referred to the County Attorney’s office for prosecution.  Prosecution may result in fines or jail time.

It is very important for your child to attend school regularly. Parents are urged to monitor closely the reasons why a student misses school and contact school personnel for assistance if there is concern that the absence is due to something other than illness.  The school will work with the student and family to improve attendance.   Building a habit of regular attendance is important for your child today and in the future. You will help your child build responsibility as you stress the need to attend school and be on time.


Please remember to call the Kenwood Absence Line, 558-2261, when your child will be absent or late to school.  Your child will receive an unexcused absence if we do not hear from a parent regarding their absence from school.  You may leave a message on this line 24 hours a day.


All students are expected to participate in recess.  If a physician specifies that a child is to remain inside for recess, please send a note clearly stating the dates involved.  In order to give proper supervision to students remaining inside, they may be asked to sit in the foyer area or main office.  It is the policy in Cedar Rapids elementary schools to have the children get outside exercise and some fresh air after sitting and working in the morning.  If at all possible, regular outside recess will be held.  Students need to be dressed for their comfort and safety during the school year.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Attendance Voice Mail Box

To report an absence, call the attendance mailbox (558-2261) or call the school and ask for Mrs. Hakes. As in the past, parents are expected to call the school when your child is ill or absent for the day. If we do not receive a call, we will make attempts to call either home or work to check on the student. Hopefully, two calling options will make notifying the school a bit easier. Thanks for your parent cooperation.

Picking Up Your Child

In the interest of security for all children, we request that you check into the office first when picking up your child from school during the day. We will assist you in locating your child and ask that you sign your student out. When your student returns to school we ask that you come into the office and sign them back in. Thank you for your cooperation in this safety procedure.

Visitors to Kenwood 

All schools in Cedar Rapids, including Kenwood Elementary, have a new policy where all visitors need to check in at the office to sign in and clip on a visitor badge. This is a safety measure that is designed to let children know that unknown adults in the building who wear a Cedar Rapids School badge are safe. Even though some parents have been in the building regularly and are known to other adults, they are not known to new students at Kenwood this year. Please help us in making our students feel safe by checking in and wearing a Cedar Rapids School badge.

Emergency Weather Information 

When severe weather occurs or is forecast, be sure to check to see if school has been delayed or canceled.  This information is available on TV channels 2, 7, and 9 and also most radio stations.  You can also call City Line at 363-7000, category 8690.

Please discuss with your child what they should do if it is necessary for them to go home early.  Will there be anyone home?  Where is the house key?  Should they call you at work once they have arrived safely home?  Should they go to a friend or neighbor’s house? 

If students are prepared and know what to do in these situations, it makes it much easier for them.  We have very limited phone access, and it is difficult to make large numbers of calls on short notice. Thank you for your advance planning and cooperation.

E-Mail Alerts 

You can get reliable and timely information about school delays, early dismissals, or cancellations by registering your e-mail addresses into the District’s new Alert List Serve.  Then you will automatically receive e-mail notifications at home, work, or wherever you want the information sent.  To register, go to the CRCSD Website at click on “E-Mail Emergency Alerts” on the left-hand side of the homepage.  Follow the directions, and you will be registered.


Cell phones should be turned off at all times during the school day. Student cell phones that ring during school time will be collected, kept in the main office, and returned to students as they leave the building.  We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.