Student Takeover

Meet Meghan, she took over KLA's social media for a day.Hi, I’m Meghan and I’m taking over our social media for today. Stay tuned for a day in the life of a learner at KLA! #stuvoice #KLAtakeover



This is a math classThis is from math in Mrs. Werkman's class. We are playing math magician and working on multiplication. The game is a fun way to practice multiplication. See you soon! #stuvoice #KLAtakeover


This is music class where students were playing guitars.Today in music we had our last day with guitars. We learned to play the C and G chords. We used partners and pictures to help us learn the chords. See you soon! #stuvoice #KLAtakeover


4th Grade lunch! it's super fun.4th Grade lunch is awesome. It's a time for people to talk and connect. Today I ate chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. Be back in a while #stuvoice #KLAtakeover



Students writing!Right now in writing, we are using graphic organizers to help us with the story line in Princess and the Pea. My favorite part of the graphic organizer is drawing a picture about the story. #stuvoice #KLAtakeover


Students are recessThese are the friends that I played with at recess. It is super nice outside today. Today used the Habit: Seek First to Understand at recess while taking pictures of others. #stuvoice #KLAtakeover


Small groups in Mrs. Werkman's class.The end of the day is when we do our ELA rotations. We all have a turn with Mrs. Werkman. When we aren't with her we do word study and writing. Today in independent time, I worked on my power point. I'm signing off! I hope you enjoyed following my day! #studentvoice #KLAtakeover